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Drifting as a driving technique involves intentionally oversteering to cause the rear wheels to lose traction while maintaining control through corners. This technique originated in Japan in the 1970s, primarily on mountainous roads. It gained popularity as both a motorsport and a street racing style, eventually inspiring video game developers to capture its excitement in digital form.

Why They Are Called Drifting Games:

Drifting games focus on the art and skill of drifting. They are called drifting games because they emphasize this particular driving technique, challenging players to maintain control while executing drifts through various courses. The core mechanics revolve around the thrill and precision of drifting, differentiating them from traditional racing games.

Key Features of Drifting Games:

  • Realistic Physics: Accurate simulation of car dynamics and drifting behavior.

  • Car Customization: Extensive options to modify cars for optimal drifting performance, including tuning suspension, tires, and engines.

  • Varied Environments: Tracks range from urban streets and mountain passes to professional drift circuits.

  • Skill Development: Games often include tutorials and practice modes to help players master drifting techniques.

  • Multiplayer Modes: Online and local multiplayer options for competitive drifting.

  • Drift Scoring: Scoring systems based on drift angle, speed, and style, encouraging players to perfect their drifting skills.

Examples of Drifting Games:

  • Gran Turismo: While not exclusively a drifting game, it includes realistic car physics that allow players to drift.

  • Need for Speed: Underground: Popularized street racing and drifting, bringing the culture to mainstream audiences.

  • Forza Horizon: Known for extensive drifting challenges and events, appealing to both casual players and drifting enthusiasts.

Drifting games have evolved from simple arcade experiences to complex simulations, reflecting the sport's growth and cultural impact. They continue to captivate players with the unique thrill and challenge of mastering the art of the drift