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Discover the addictive fun of 99 Balls, a free puzzle game where you smash through balls with skill and strategy. Play now on desktop or mobile

About 99 Balls

99 Balls is a captivating puzzle game developed by Faramel Games. Released in 2017, this game is designed to be played on web browsers and mobile devices. Set in a minimalistic environment, it offers players a simple yet addictive experience. Players can enjoy smashing through an ever-growing number of balls using a bouncing ball. The goal is to clear the screen before the balls reach the bottom.

Gameplay & Tips & Tricks

In 99 Balls, your objective is to break all the balls by aiming and shooting a ball from the bottom of the screen. Each ball has a number on it, indicating how many hits it needs to be destroyed. As you progress, more balls with higher numbers appear, making the game increasingly challenging. To succeed, aim for the clusters of balls to maximize the number of hits per shot.

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Aim carefully: Try to hit as many balls as possible with each shot.

  2. Plan your moves: Anticipate where the balls will land after each bounce.

  3. Power-ups: Collect power-ups to increase your firepower.

Verdict Summary

99 Balls is an engaging and fun game that provides endless entertainment. Its simple mechanics and increasing difficulty make it suitable for players of all ages. Whether you're looking for a quick game to pass the time or a challenging puzzle to test your skills, 99 Balls delivers.

All Controls

  • Mouse Click: Aim and shoot the ball.

  • Touch Screen: Swipe to aim and release to shoot (for mobile devices).

Comparison with Similar Games

Compared to other ball-breaking games like Brick Breaker and Bouncing Balls, 99 Balls stands out due to its simplicity and addictive gameplay. While Brick Breaker often involves power-ups and complex levels, 99 Balls focuses on straightforward, skill-based play.

How to Play This Game on

To play 99 Balls on, simply navigate to the website, search for "99 Balls," and click on the game. The game loads directly in your browser, so there's no need for downloads or installations.

Who Created This Game?

99 Balls was developed by Faramel Games, a studio known for creating simple yet addictive online games.

Can I Play This Game on Mobile Devices and Desktop?

Yes, 99 Balls is playable on both mobile devices and desktop computers. The game is optimized for touch controls on mobile and mouse controls on desktop, ensuring a smooth experience across all platforms.

How Can I Play This Game for Free?

99 Balls is available for free online. You can play it without any downloads or installations on websites like Just search for the game, click to play, and enjoy!

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