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ADAM AND EVE: ASTRONAUT Free Online Game Play Now!

Space adventure in Adam and Eve: Astronaut. Solve quirky puzzles and explore unique environments. Play now on!

About Adam and Eve: Astronaut

Adam and Eve: Astronaut is a delightful point-and-click adventure game developed by Functu. Released in 2020, this game is perfect for anyone who loves a mix of puzzles and humor. Set in a whimsical prehistoric world, Adam embarks on a quest to rescue his beloved Eve and ends up in the vastness of space. The game features creatively designed environments that challenge players to think outside the box. Players navigate through a series of levels, solving puzzles that range from simple to brain-teasingly difficult.

Gameplay, Tips & Tricks

In Adam and Eve: Astronaut, you guide Adam through various levels filled with quirky obstacles and fun characters. The game requires you to interact with objects in the environment to help Adam reach the spaceship and ultimately rescue Eve. Here are some tips to enhance your gameplay:

  • Think Creatively: Not all solutions are straightforward. Sometimes, the most unusual items can help you advance.

  • Observe Everything: Pay attention to every detail in the environment; clues are often hidden in plain sight.

  • Patience is Key: Some puzzles may seem tricky, but with a little patience, you’ll find the solution.

Verdict Summary

Adam and Eve: Astronaut is an entertaining game that combines humor, adventure, and puzzles in a delightful package. It’s perfect for players who enjoy light-hearted games with a touch of whimsy. The charming graphics and engaging gameplay make it a must-play for fans of the Adam and Eve series.

All Controls

Navigating Adam and Eve: Astronaut is simple:

  • Mouse Click: Interact with objects and characters.

  • Mouse Drag: Move certain items to solve puzzles.

Comparison with Similar Games

Compared to other point-and-click adventure games like Homescapes, Rainbow Obby, and Temple of Boom, Adam and Eve: Astronaut stands out with its unique prehistoric and space-themed settings. The humor and creative puzzles add an extra layer of fun, making it a delightful choice for casual gamers.

How to Play This Game on

Playing Adam and Eve: Astronaut on is easy and fun. Simply head to the website, search for the game, and start playing instantly. No downloads or installations are required, making it accessible for both desktop and Chromebook users.

Who Created This Game?

Adam and Eve: Astronaut was developed by Functu, known for creating engaging and humorous adventure games. Their unique style and attention to detail have made them a favorite among casual gamers.

Can I Play This Game on Mobile Devices and Desktop?

Absolutely! Adam and Eve: Astronaut is designed to be enjoyed on both mobile devices and desktop computers. Whether you’re on the go or at home, you can dive into Adam’s space adventure and help him rescue Eve.
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