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AWESOME TANKS Free Online Game Play Now!

Explosive tank battles with Awesome Tanks on CrazyGames. Play online on desktop or mobile, upgrade your tank, and dominate the battlefield!

Where we bring you the most exciting and fun games every day. Today, we present Awesome Tanks, a game that's all about explosive action and strategic tank battles. Dive into Awesome Tanks and experience the thrill of armored warfare!

About Awesome Tanks

Awesome Tanks is a thrilling tank shooter game developed by Egor Bugrimov. Released in 2012, this game is designed to be played on browsers, making it easily accessible on desktops, Chromebooks, and mobile devices. Set in various battlefields, it offers a range of environments, from urban settings to dense forests, each with unique challenges. Players can choose from multiple tank models and engage in intense battles against AI enemies. The game features single-player mode, numerous upgrades, and customizations. Awesome Tanks is available for play without any downloads or installations, providing an engaging gaming experience right from your browser.

Gameplay & Tips & Tricks

In Awesome Tanks, you control a tank and navigate through different levels, destroying enemy tanks, turrets, and buildings. Here are some tips to dominate the battlefield:

  1. Upgrade Wisely: Spend your coins on upgrades that suit your playstyle. Focus on armor and weapon upgrades early on.

  2. Use Cover: Use the environment to your advantage. Hide behind buildings and trees to avoid enemy fire.

  3. Keep Moving: A moving target is harder to hit. Keep your tank moving to dodge enemy shots.

  4. Aim for Weak Spots: Some enemies have weak spots. Learn them and aim accordingly for maximum damage.

Verdict Summary

Awesome Tanks delivers an engaging and action-packed experience. With its intuitive controls, varied levels, and upgrade system, it keeps players hooked. Whether you're looking for a quick game or a prolonged battle, Awesome Tanks has something for everyone.

All Controls

  • Arrow Keys or WASD: Move your tank.

  • Mouse: Aim and shoot.

  • Spacebar: Activate special abilities.

  • Number Keys (1-4): Switch between different weapons.

Comparison with Similar Games

Awesome Tanks stands out with its simplicity and fun gameplay. Compared to games like Superbattle 2 and Battle Wheels, Awesome Tanks offers a more casual yet thrilling experience, perfect for both new and experienced gamers.

How to Play This Game on

Playing Awesome Tanks on is super easy. Just visit the website, search for Awesome Tanks, and start playing. No downloads or installations are required. It's perfect for a quick game session on your desktop or Chromebook.

Who Created This Game

Awesome Tanks was developed by Egor Bugrimov, a talented game developer known for creating engaging and fun browser games.

Can I Play Awesome Tanks on Mobile Devices and Desktop?

Absolutely! Awesome Tanks is playable on both mobile devices and desktops. Just open your browser, visit, and start playing. It's that simple!

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