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SCHOOLBREAK.IO Free Online Game Play Now!

Unleash your inner prankster in, the hilarious multiplayer game where students rule the school with pranks and mischief! Play for free on desktop and Chromebook.

Detailed Game Info for

Rating: 4.5/5 (because it's more fun than a monkey in a banana factory)

Developer: AwesomeSauce Games

Release Date: March 1, 2023

Last Updated Date: June 15, 2024 (keeping the mischief fresh)

Technology Used: HTML5, WebGL (so it runs smoother than a greased weasel)

Platforms: Web browsers (desktop, Chromebook)

Classification by Genre: Multiplayer, Action, Simulation

Wiki Page: Wiki

Game Description for

Imagine a school where rules are made to be broken, and mischief is the main course of the day. Welcome to! Are you ready to out-prank your friends, dodge the teachers, and become the ultimate class clown? Dive into this hilarious multiplayer game where chaos reigns supreme, and fun is the principal's worst nightmare. Players take on the roles of mischievous students causing mayhem while avoiding the ever-watchful eyes of teachers. Can you pull off the greatest school prank of all time? Game on, prankster!

Features of

Multiplayer Mayhem: Team up with friends or prank against random players in real-time chaos. The more, the messier!

Hilarious Pranks: From throwing paper planes to setting off stink bombs, the pranks are endless and oh-so-satisfying.

Sneaky Skills: Use stealth and strategy to avoid getting caught by teachers. Hide, sneak, and outsmart to stay in the game.

Dynamic Schoolyard: Explore a lively school environment with interactive objects and hidden surprises. Every corner holds a new prank opportunity.

Customizable Characters: Dress up your student avatar with quirky outfits and accessories. The wackier, the better!

Frequent Updates: New pranks, items, and features added regularly to keep the fun fresh and exciting.

Where to Play: Available online for free on desktops and Chromebooks. Just open your browser and start the mischief!

Tips and Strategies for

Master the Map: Learn the layout of the school to find the best hiding spots and prank setups.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Coordinate with your friends to pull off bigger, better pranks. Distract, execute, and escape together!

Stay Stealthy: Keep an eye on the teachers' patrol patterns and avoid their line of sight. Patience is key to staying uncaught.

Use Items Wisely: Collect and use items like stink bombs and water balloons at the right moment for maximum impact.

Keep Moving: Don’t stay in one place for too long. Keep moving to avoid getting cornered by teachers.

Game Screenplay

In, players are thrown into a bustling schoolyard filled with opportunities for mischief. The objective is simple: create chaos without getting caught. Players can interact with various objects, set traps, and perform pranks while evading teachers. The game’s dynamic environment and interactive elements ensure that no two play sessions are ever the same.

Comparison with Similar Games

Compared to other school-themed games, stands out with its focus on multiplayer pranking and real-time action. While games like "Bully" and "School Days" offer a more narrative-driven experience, is all about spontaneous fun and mischief.

How to Play


  • Move: WASD or Arrow Keys

  • Interact: E or Click

  • Use Item: Spacebar

  • Chat: Enter

How to Use Controls:

Navigate through the school using the movement keys, interact with objects to set up pranks, and use items at the perfect moment to outwit the teachers. Communicate with other players to plan your pranks and cause maximum chaos.

Who Created was developed by AwesomeSauce Games, a team dedicated to creating fun and engaging multiplayer experiences. They’ve hit a home run with this one, delivering a game that’s equal parts fun and frantic.

How Can I Play for Free?

You can play for free by visiting their website on any desktop or Chromebook. No downloads or installations are needed—just open your browser and let the pranks begin!

Can I Play on Mobile Devices?

Currently, is designed for desktop and Chromebook users. The developers are considering a mobile version, so stay tuned for future updates!

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